Why Customers Transport

• More Control over the Commodity Pricing/ Ability to Make Informed Decisions

Utility/ LDC rates are set monthly, and will fluctuate with market conditions.  The LDC does not make any profit from the actual natural gas commodity, it is simply a pass through cost to the customer.  By utilizing a third party natural gas supplier, customers have more control over their natural gas commodity pricing.  This includes the ability to lock-in pricing, and make informed decisions when choosing to float with the market.  Customers also have the ability to lock-in and take advantage of dips and historical lows in pricing.

• Budget Goals/ Ability to Lock-in Pricing

It is difficult to set and meet budget goals for energy costs when the commodity portion of the natural gas, which is the most volatile portion of the pricing, is fluctuating with monthly LDC rates.  By transporting with Enspire Energy, customers have the option to lock-in pricing on their natural gas for terms up to three years.

• Guaranteed Savings

With some LDCs, where the rates are set monthly and the customer has the ability to switch between transportation gas and LDC supply on a month to month basis, customers transport when market pricing moves below the utility rates, providing the customer with a guaranteed savings on the commodity portion of their natural gas invoice.

• Eligibility

Enspire Energy currently serves large commercial and industrial accounts with usage greater than 3500 Dth/year.  Customers who have usage under 3500 Dth/ year may still transport with other third party suppliers who participate in choice programs available behind their LDC.