Our Team

Our staff has over 50 years of experience successfully negotiating all of the ins and outs of natural gas supply and delivery.

  • Mary Hensley, President and Director of Marketing

    Mary knows her customers are busy running major manufacturing facilities, businesses, hospitals, and universities. As Director of Marketing, it is her primary focus to make sure that Enspire offers a competitive suite of natural gas products and services that allow our customers to do what they do best, while not having to worry about the complexities of their natural gas supply and costs.

    Mary is one of the founding partners of Enspire Energy and has over 17 years of direct experience providing natural gas supply and service to industrial and governmental accounts in the Mid-Atlantic region.


    She started her career at Pepco Energy Services, moving from a marketing analyst, to gas scheduling, where she handled nominations and balancing for industrial accounts behind 17 different LDCs and pipelines, and eventually being promoted to a regional account manager, handling sales of natural gas supply to industrial and governmental accounts in the Mid-Atlantic region.

    Mary then accepted a position as the Manager of Business Development at Compass Energy, where she helped to expand their customer base behind Virginia Natural Gas and Columbia Gas of Virginia. Since Compass was a smaller organization, she received first-hand knowledge of all aspects of the gas business from buying and selling supply, arranging transportation, and invoicing.

    In 2005, Mary left Compass Energy to be one of the founding partners of Enspire Energy. Enspire Energy quickly grew to be one of the largest natural gas suppliers in Virginia, serving several Fortune 500 companies as well as industrial and governmental entities. In 2009, Enspire Energy was sold to Shell Energy North America, and Mary joined the natural gas sales team at Shell. Mary was responsible for natural gas sales to large industrial accounts, including to the federal government. She worked closely with trading to price out long-term competitive natural gas supply in the Mid-Atlantic region, while also handling complex contract negotiations and approvals.

    In 2013, Mary left Shell to work on re-launching Enspire Energy. With the number of acquisitions and mergers in the natural gas supplier marketplace, Mary felt that the market was asking for a more local approach to natural gas supply. With the successful re-launch of Enspire Energy in October 2014, Mary is thrilled to be able to offer large commercial, industrial, and governmental accounts a new choice for natural gas supply in the Mid-Atlantic region.

    Mary is the proud mom of two boys, and enjoys volunteering in her community as well as travelling and scuba diving in her free time.

  • Melissa Griffith, Manager of Operations & Marketing

    Melissa is the newest member of Enspire, with eight years of experience under her belt between operations and marketing. Melissa started out in a marketing assistant role for Compass Energy and quickly ended up in scheduling. It was there she gained the bulk of her commercial and industrial retail experience, having scheduled gas for over ten Utilities in four states. After being with Compass for seven years, she left to become an Operations Analyst for Colonial Energy. Although her stay with Colonial was brief, it was there that she picked up experience behind more than ten new utilities and four interstate pipelines.


    After almost a year, Melissa left Colonial to tackle operations and marketing for Mary and Julie here at Enspire. She was drawn in by the past success of the women, and office close to her home in Virginia Beach. She loves the fast-paced environment of operations and the relationship building of marketing, so she will be filling a hybrid position so flex her muscles in both areas.

    When Melissa isn’t at work she can be found running, playing with her two toddlers, or running with her toddlers…because single strollers are for sissies.

  • Victoria Duffer, Regional Account Manager

    Victoria is a Regional Account Manager with Enspire Energy, joining our team in 2016. Victoria brings over 12 years of experience in the regulated natural gas market, having started her career at Virginia Natural Gas, a local natural gas distribution company based in Norfolk, VA. During her 12 years with Virginia Natural Gas, Victoria spent her first four years in commercial sales and distribution system design, where she was responsible for on-boarding new commercial customers, fostering relationships, and promoting increased natural gas usage from existing customers.


    Victoria was then promoted to the role of Industrial Account Executive, where she spent eight years working exclusively with existing and prospective Industrial and Government customers. Victoria was very successful in this position, increasing annual margins by $2.5 million through pipeline expansions and increased service.
    At Enspire Energy, Victoria is responsible for natural gas sales to commercial, industrial, and governmental accounts in Southeastern Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Victoria is literally part of a natural gas family dynasty, as both her mother and her husband also work in the industry.

    Victoria lives in Virginia Beach with her husband Jeff, and their various fur babies. She earned a BS in Communications from Old Dominion University, and loves to support her Alma Mater by attending ODU football games. She also enjoys camping, paddelboarding, gardening, and traveling to Aruba.

  • Julie Hashagen, Director of Operations

    As part of the founding team of Enspire Energy, Julie heads up our Operations and Trading teams. She understands how important it is to have an experienced team supporting Enspire Energy’s customer base. Her primary focus is to procure supply for Enspire’s customers while working hand in hand with the operations team to ensure the best possible service, deliverability, and management.

    With over 15 years of experience in the natural gas industry, Julie comes well equipped to handle the ever changing challenging supply and operations management roles. She started her career at Pepco


    Energy Services as a natural gas scheduler. She was promoted to the Manager of Operations where she managed 6 schedulers who handled 25 different LDCs and all major pipelines in the Mid-Atlantic region. This role included having responsibility for over 300 industrial and large commercial accounts for balancing and nominations. Julie than accepted a position as the Manager of Operations at Compass Energy, where she enabled Compass to become active as a pipeline transporter. Compass, being a smaller organization, afforded Julie the opportunity to receive first-hand knowledge of all aspects of the gas business, including invoicing, pipeline nominations and capacity management, and analyzing and assessing pipeline and utility tariffs.

    In 2005, Julie left Compass Energy to be one of the founding partners of Enspire Energy. Through hard work and perseverance, Enspire Energy grew to become a very recognizable competitor in the Virginia, Maryland and the Pennsylvania territories. In 2009, Enspire Energy was sold to Shell Energy North America, and Julie joined the scheduling team at Shell Energy North America. After Enspire was integrated into Shell’s operations team, Julie joined the natural gas sales team at Shell. She was responsible for natural gas sales to large industrial accounts in the Maryland, Delaware and Ohio territories.

    In 2013, Julie left Shell to work on re-launching Enspire Energy. Having seen a gap in knowledgeable natural gas marketers, Julie felt like it was an opportune time to start Enspire Energy again with the same great service, knowledge base and expertise it takes to properly support our customers. Julie is thrilled to be part of a winning team once again.

    Julie is the proud mom of three boys, and enjoys volunteering and assisting with her husband’s military command. Her love of all things furry is evident at her home where she has 6 chickens and 3 dogs.

  • Kenji Morgan, Regional Account Manager

    Kenji eventually made the decision to move to the Washington DC area where he took a position with WGL Holdings, Inc. as a Senior Contract Negotiator. In this role, he was responsible for overseeing the process and procedures and management of their existing contracts, as well as expanding their relationships by negotiating NAESBs, ISDAs, and other energy trading agreements for WGL Holdings and its affiliates. Kenji’s accomplishments as a Senior Contract Negotiator includes streamlining their contract process. Kenji then moved to WGLs Risk Group as a Market Risk Analyst, where he was directly responsible for measuring the daily, monthly, and term natural gas transactions and their price risk exposure within the energy trading market.


    In 2014 Kenji took his collective experience of the natural gas and power markets, and founded Freedom Energy. Freedom Energy is a minority wholesale natural gas supplier which has successfully sold natural gas to Local Distribution Companies in the U.S., with monthly volumes averaging 50,000 Dth/day.

    Now part of the Enspire Energy team, Kenji will continue to support the growth and management of Freedom Energy while expanding his focus as a Regional Account Manager for Enspire Energy. Kenji will be responsible for commercial, industrial, and governmental natural gas sales in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland.
    In his free time, Kenji coaches a youth basketball team, and is a physical trainer. He also loves to spend time with his family.