Why Enspire

By partnering with Enspire Energy, you are selecting a gas marketer that thinks outside of the box when it comes to
helping you achieve the best possible gas supply pricing and reliability.

Our Goal:  To be the first choice for a natural gas supplier for transportation customers in the Mid-Atlantic region.

We set ourselves apart from our competition by providing:

Extensive Knowledge of the pipeline & LDC system in the Mid-Atlantic.

extensiveknowThis includes having in-depth understanding of the pipelines’ and LDCs’ tariffs, applicable rates and balancing requirements.  We routinely monitor both the forward and cash markets for natural gas to be able to offer the most cost effective pricing and reliability of supply to our customers.

Furthermore, we take a look at our customers’ total energy supply picture, including the availability of LDC stand-by volumes, alternate fuel costs, and storage and capacity assets, to make sure that our customers are always minimizing their costs. The Enspire Energy team has saved our customers thousands of dollars and avoided high-priced gas purchases during LDC restrictions by having them switch back and forth from Stand-by gas or alternate fuel when market conditions warrant.

We also have extensive experience shipping gas on Columbia Gas Transmission, Dominion Transmission, and Transco, the three major pipelines that feed into the Mid-Atlantic region.  Our team has had years of experience delivering gas into capacity constrained areas.  It is our understanding of local delivery issues that makes us such an effective marketer and helps us ensure reliable gas supply.

Excellent Credit Support and Supply Purchasing Capability.

excelent-creditEnspire Energy has established a credit and supply arrangement with DTE Energy Trading.  DTE is an active physical and financial gas and power marketing company, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of DTE Energy Company, an integrated public utility holding company with $24.2 billion in assets and over 150 years of energy expertise.

DTE’s financial strength and expertise in energy commodities and risk management services enables Enspire Energy to optimize wholesale gas purchases and provide competitive, reliable pricing to our customers.

A Commitment to the Mid-Atlantic Marketplace.

commitmentEnspire Energy is headquartered in the Commonwealth of Virginia, in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic region.  We are committed to serving transportation customers in this area, and have expended considerable resources to develop the supply and capacity relationships required to provide competitive pricing and reliable delivery to our customers.

Proactive Approach to Pricing and Communication.

proactiveYes, the natural gas market is volatile, but the key is to have a supplier that takes a proactive approach to keeping you informed about pricing and market trends.  Six weeks before your current term expires is not always the best time to look at renewing your pricing, and at Enspire, we have access to all of the real-time pricing and industry publications to keep our customers up to date on key market intelligence and price movements.

Superior Customer Service.

superiorAt Enspire Energy, we go the extra mile for our customers.  Through each step of the process, from locking-in pricing, delivering the gas, and providing accurate invoicing, we work hard to make sure that we have exceeded our customers’ expectations and have done our best to improve our customers’ bottom-line.  We want to develop a partnership relationship with our customers.

That means understanding all aspects of your natural gas supply and how it impacts your production and costs, keeping abreast of tariff rates and changes that could impact your flexibility and costs, exploring your alternate fuel costs and how potentially switching fuels could impact your manpower and production, and understanding how natural gas supply impacts your organization and fits within your budgetary and risk management goals.